Oregon Cannabis Connection received this press release from the campaign to remove the long-standing ban on adult-use cannabis businesses in the Oregon city of Sherwood, a commuter town south of Portland.

From Sherwood of Tomorrow

The Sherwood of Tomorrow Committee, a diverse group of Sherwood residents and businesses, successfully completed its 2020 petition initiative to present citizens with a chance to reverse the ban and allow limited OLCC-licensed marijuana businesses in Sherwood’s industrial zones. This repeal will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in additional marijuana sales taxes – all of which will be dedicated exclusively to Sherwood public safety. Following the collection of all required signatures, the Sherwood City Council certified of the measure’s explanatory statement on August 4. Washington County Elections subsequently confirmed that Measure 34-299 will place this choice in the hands of Sherwood’s voters in this November’s general election.

The City of Sherwood and the few other municipalities in Oregon that have instituted all-out bans on strictly state-regulated marijuana businesses have left the door open for black market sales and unsafe products with zero accountability to health, safety, preventing access by children or any other explicit goal set out by the State of Oregon. The petition initiative recognized Sherwood residents’ concerns and Measure 34-299 will present to voters a limited version of the ballot measure narrowly defeated the November 2016 election. The measure is based on the City of Sherwood’s own in-house proposed legislation and as written, licensed recreational marijuana business will not be permitted in retail, residential or commercial zones. Businesses may only operate in industrial zoned areas along Tualatin-Sherwood Road. With these limitations on zoning and the buffer zones required by state law, Sherwood may only ever be home to one or two retailers. However, by removing the ban, Sherwood immediately qualifies for it’s allocation of state marijuana tax revenues as well as the additional dedicated local tax of 3% already approved in 2016 by Sherwood voters.

The City of Sherwood has been host to a licensed medical marijuana dispensary and medical marijuana processors since 2015, with no detrimental impact on crime, community safety, or the abuse of marijuana products by youth and adults alike. Sherwood’s existing medical marijuana businesses have been approved by the City of Sherwood’s Community Development team and adhere to strict operational and aesthetic design regulations, all the while serving the City and region’s medical patients with compassion and professionalism.

Now is the time to repeal Sherwood’s ban on marijuana business and fund public safety for the next generation of Sherwood residents. Vote YES on Measure 34-299 this November!

Please direct all inquiries to the Sherwood of Tomorrow Committee at Campaign@NoMJBan.com

Visit their Facebook page here  https://www.facebook.com/sherwoodoftomorrow/


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