As a way to promote social distancing related to halting the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Governor’s Executive Order dated March 17, 2020 prohibits onsite food and drink consumption in bars and restaurants and public gatherings of 25 people or more.

This order does not apply to businesses in Oregon that do not serve foods or beverages, which includes many licensed marijuana businesses.  At this time, marijuana retailers are NOT required to close due to COVID 19 restrictions.  But this is subject to change at any time based on directives from the Governor and/or public health officials.

In the meantime the OLCC is currently looking at ways our rules can be modified to make running your businesses easier during this time, but all changes will require vetting from both the marijuana industry and other stakeholders including the Governor’s office.

At this time we want to communicate that one of our main priorities to keep you, your employees and your customers as safe as possible.  Most of the actions outlined below focus on retail sales, but we want all of our licensees to be informed of the information we are sending out.

All of the procedures below are currently allowable by rule, and while they are not requirements,they are concepts you may want to think about when planning social distancing and upgrading hygiene and sanitation strategies for your businesses.  And as a reminder all licensees must follow all rules unless otherwise informed by the OLCC.

Here are some steps to consider:

  • Limit the number of customers in the stores at one time and follow the “3 foot rule” explained in the Governor’s Executive Order;
  • Wash your hands often, especially after helping customers or handling money;
  • Keep your log of employees schedules easily accessible so you can find when someone was on shift;
  • If you have a retail delivery endorsement – think about moving to a delivery focused model;
  • Sell pre-packaged flower to speed up the time customers spend in the store;
  • Take orders and answer product questions over the phone or email for quick pick-up in store;
  • Use an app so customers can wait in their car or outside until it is their turn;
  • Think about establishing special hours (within normal hours of operation) only for vulnerable populations;
  • To limit access consider using a medical window if the store still has one;
  • Don’t allow customers to smell product prior to purchase and instead focus on ways to conduct “social distance” transactions;
  • Ask customers to hold their own ID when verifying age; and
  • Increase the frequency of your cleaning/disinfecting schedule.

All licensees must continue to comply with all rules; if the OLCC suspends or changes any rules, licensees will be notified.

We want to hear from you about how together we can navigate the challenges to our legalized recreational marijuana and hemp industries, and the medical marijuana community, brought on by the COVID-19 crisis.  If you have additional ideas or concepts you would like the OLCC to consider please send them to

The CDC published helpful fact sheets and information on cleaning and disinfection for Businesses and Organizations.

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