Oregrown cannabis firm embroiled in battle of directors: April 19

Oregrown, a Bend cannabis firm, was trying to remove the CEO and chief brand officer from their positions for allegedly jeopardizing the interest of the company, according to a lawsuit filed in Deschutes County Circuit Court.

In the lawsuit, Oregrown maintained it relieved Aviv Hadar and his wife, Christina Hadar, from being shareholders and directors in the company. All but one shareholder, Tsiona Bitton, who is Aviv Hadar’s mother, voted earlier this year to remove the couple, according to the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, Christina Hadar was accused of violating a nondisclosure agreement between a potential buyer of the company and Oregrown and for having multiple arguments with one of the shareholders. The Hadars were also accused of creating an atmosphere where employees were fearful of losing their jobs.

“Despite all this misconduct, the Oregrown companies intended … to work collaboratively with Aviv and Christina to create a positive narrative about their separation that would not damage the reputation of the Oregrown companies,” according to the lawsuit. “Aviv and Christina chose not to.”

Chairman and co-founder Hunter Neubauer said the company filed the lawsuit after much deliberation.

Update: The case settled through a confidential arbitration, according to court records.