Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the OLCC commission meeting on Sunday, March 22nd will be held via conference call. If you would like to call-in and listen to today’s Commission meeting, please use the following phone number and participant code:

Phone: 1-888-363-4735

Participant code:778144#

This call is for Board Members and staff only to communicate, so please remember to mute your phones.



2:00 p.m. Roll Call
RULES – Staff recommendations and Commissioners discussion and decision on administrativerules. (Emily Febles)

  • Temporary Action Action: Prohibited Conduct – Amend OAR 845-006-0345
    Allow OLCC to take administrative action against any licensee who violates Executive Order 20-07 by allowing gatherings of 25 or more people or allowing on-site consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Temporary Action Action: Shipment of Distilled Spirits – OAR 845-015-0141
    Allow the Commission to update the Retail Operations Manual and the Distillery Retail Outlet Manual to allow retail sales and distillery agents to deliver factory-sealed containers of distilled spirits direct to consumers.
  • Temporary Action Action: Amend OAR 845-025-2800 and Adopt OAR 845-025-2885
    Increase daily marijuana sales limit for OMMP cardholders, and allow for on-site delivery of marijuana at a licensed retailer.
  • Temporary Action Action: Same Day Delivery – Amend OAR 845-005-0417
    Eliminate the requirement for licensees who are able to deliver malt beverages, wine and cider to Oregon residents under the privileges of their license to obtain prior approval for same-day delivery.

The next Commission Meeting will be April 16, 2020