With help from an Oregon grower, Dr. Bronner’s is launching a campaign to support the nonprofit cannabis certification program Sun+Earth.

The California-based soap maker — whose chief executive helped fund this year’s successful campaign to legalize psilocybin therapy in Oregon — is offering a cannabis-scented soap for financial backers of the “beyond organics” program.

The soap gets its scent from terpenes from hemp grown at East Fork Cultivars in Josephine County. East Fork was among a handful of Oregon companies to sign onto the ambitious certification program early this year.

The soap doesn’t contain cannabinoids and comes from hemp, so it’s legal everywhere.

Sun+Earth’s certification program is open across the cannabis spectrum, however, including to THC product producers that can’t go organic under the USDA National Organic Program.

The program starts with customary limitations on the use of chemicals, but also brings in regenerative cultivation practices such as composting, cover crops, mulching and reduced tillage, and includes farm worker and community involvement standards.

“We see Sun+Earth as a key effort to help consumers shift the cannabis world away from corporate industrialized grows, toward regenerative, sustainable small farmer models,” David Bronner, who has the title cosmic engagement officer at Dr. Bronner’s, said in a news release.

Sun+Earth is hoping to raise $25,000 in the campaign and expand the program by subsidizing the cost of certification.

The soap can be had by donating $25 to Sun+Earth through its website beginning this Friday, or by purchasing $50 or more of products from Sun+Earth brands at partner dispensaries. More information will be available on the Sun+Earth website beginning Friday, when the one-month campaign opens.