Warren Bobrow=WB: Please tell me about your company? Indoor or outdoor grown?

Will Perry= WP: Magic Hour Cannabis is a boutique indoor grow and lifestyle brand just outside of Portland, Oregon. We produce pesticide-free, top shelf flower with rich terpene profiles, as well as premium pre roll packs. As one of the only minority-owned and operated grows in the country, we are far from the norm in Oregon —- or frankly, in the rest of the country. I’m Black, Jewish, and was raised in the Bronx, while my partner and co-founder Adriana Ruiz Carlile is Guatemalan, Scottish and grew up in Brooklyn. The diversity in our backgrounds has given us a fresh perspective on the business, and led us to be intentional about who we partner with to meet our ancillary needs. To develop our brand, we chose the Portland-based, women and minority owned branding agency Potency. The same intentional lens has guided our selection of photographers, as well as the dispensaries that carry our products, like Greenbox, a black owned delivery service here in Portland.

Starting with excellent plant genetics is key to any successful grow operation, and we’re lucky to start with some of the best genetics in the world from Archive Portland. To condense growing into a sentence, our job is to make sure our plants are in an ideal environment and receive the nutrients they need across their life cycle. Our philosophy is that cannabis should be as clean or cleaner than the food we eat. This means we never spray our plants with pesticides, or feed them synthetic nutrients. We use minimal inputs, and source most of them locally. As amazing as it is to be a part of this industry, it is turbulent – which means we have to stay nimble and cut costs where we can in order to scale our business.

WB: What brought you to the cannabis business? What did you do originally?

WP: My last office job was in L.A. with a digital advertising agency. It was cool, but it just wasn’t for me. Day after day, as I sat under my office’s fluorescent lights, I could feel my soul leaving my body- but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do instead. In 2014, a good friend moved to LA and started a small medical grow. Knowing absolutely nothing about growing weed, we started helping him at night after our 9-5 jobs. The grow was tucked away in a sketchy industrial neighborhood in East LA, but that was the training ground that taught us many of the lessons we’re applying today.