Halo Labs Inc. (NEO: HALO) (OTCQX: AGEEFhas partnered with Terphogz LLC, a cannabis breeding group, to cultivate and market new cannabis genetics in Oregon.

Under the five-year deal, Terphogz agreed to grant Halo rights to its collection of genetic strains, including Zkittlez, Zmoothi, and Z3 Kush.

The Toronto-based company planted 20 strains at its East Evans Creek farm in Oregon.

Halo expects strains will be harvested and ready for sale in November 2020 in the form of Zkittlez branded flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates.

Zkittlez, the Terphogz’s most famous and awarded strain variety, counts over 200,000 social media followers.

It has a price premium of 20% or higher, compared to similar products.

“We are extremely excited to join forces with Halo,” stated Terphogz CEO Green R. Fieldz. “With our award-winning genetics and Halo’s cultivation firepower, our collaboration will be a force to be reckoned with in Oregon.”

Halo CEO and co-founder Kiran Sidhu shared the enthusiasm regarding the Terphogz agreement.

“Aligning with a beloved and Emerald Cup award winning brand such as Zkittlez to cultivate existing and develop new cannabis strains demonstrates Halo’s commitment to offering cannabis consumers access to some of the best genetics,” said Sidhu.

The newly concluded partnership between Halo and Terphogz is not the first one of its type. Halo had entered into a strategic partnership with OG DNA Genetics Inc. six months ago. It yet another deal to last five years, Halo agreed to be the only cultivator and manufacturer of DNA Genetics brand products in Oregon.

Meanwhile, its acquisition of a North Hollywood cannabis dispensary is still on hold, as the company witnessed the coronavirus outbreak’s delays.

In addition, the company still awaits the local approval for the construction of its North Hollywood dispensary.


By Jelena Martinovic for Benzinga.com