Eugene Police are investigating a cannabis dispensary burglary that happened Thursday morning.

The burglary was reported around 3 a.m. at Elev8 Cannabis located on Oak Street and 14th Avenue.

After residents and the business’s alarm company alerted police, officers and a canine unit responded.

Founder and CEO Seun Adedeji said his business was targeted by two white men who smashed in his window on the front door and stole merchandise. The two men were captured on surveillance video from inside and outside the store.

Adedeji, who is African American, said he wonders whether the burglary is tied to recent events. He questions why his shop was targeted instead of other similar nearby businesses.

“There [are] dispensaries on every corner and the only time a dispensary was broken into was FireHorse during the protest. Outside of that, you have not seen or heard of a dispensary being broke into,” Adedeji said.

Adedeji said he is out more than $8,000 because of the break-in, and he does not have insurance to cover it.

“We believe that love conquers all, but this right here is hurtful. We lost a lot of money and I’m not a big billionaire that can just fix things overnight,” Adedeji said.

Police have yet to identify a suspect.


By Erica Rodriguez for KEZI News